Brandon + Katelyn’s Spring Countryside Engagement Portraits!

I have known & been close with Brandon for about 11 years now, and he has always been like a best friend/brother to me. When Katelyn came into the picture a few years ago, I gladly relinquished my “best friend” title to her, because I just knew deep down that she was truly his other half. I could not have handpicked a better partner for my friend to share his life with, and when they got engaged, I was beside myself with excitement when Katelyn asked me to photograph their wedding.

These two are literally just the sweetest. All laughs, joking on each other, just enjoying each other’s company, and being the absolute cutest while doing so. I was already excited, but I am even more so now that their wedding is so close! I can’t wait to photograph and celebrate with you two! Love you both!



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