Rachel + David | Virginia State Capitol Engagement!

Rachel first reached out to me about photographing their wedding because I was referred as someone who understood the military lifestyle and all of the challenges of planning for the future that go along with that.. little did she know, as a military wife myself, I REALLY understood how up in the air things can be! We instantly clicked & I was so so excited to meet them for their engagement session!

We met at the Virginia State Capitol & let me tell you, other than us all freezing, it was PERFECT! From their outfits, to the sunny weather, to the capitol grounds just being gorgeous in general, and her makeup, everything was simply on POINT. David warned me that he hated taking pictures, but he was such a good sport (and insanely photogenic as well!) & Rachel was just a model the entire time so my photographer heart was just happy!

After a CRAZY 2020, I was so in need of a beautiful session to end the year with and to say the least, this was everything I needed and more! I had so much fun watching these two make faces and laugh at each other, and to say I am excited for their wedding later this year would be an understatement. I am so so thankful to be given the opportunity to meet & capture such amazing couples! Rachel + David, thank you guys for choosing me, for knowing what I meant when I couldn’t speak english properly & most importantly, for understanding my random Finding Nemo reference in the middle of your session & quoting it back to me so I didn’t feel totally insane!



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