Brandon + Katelyn | Rustic Backyard Wedding

Years ago, I met Brandon & we became fast friends. It was the kind of friendship that I hope everyone experiences in their life time.. just effortless, with countless fun times, as well as just being there for each other through the good and the bad. He’s the brother I never had, and no matter how often we talk or hangout, that has always remained true. Enter Katelyn. I could tell right away that she was the perfect match for him. She welcomed me with open arms too, which was such a blessing. Throughout the last few years of their relationship, It has been so evident just how well these two compliment each other. She is the ying to his yang, the crazy to his calm (or maybe the other way around!) and they both are just such genuine souls. I could not have handpicked someone better for my “brother” and I am so so excited not only that she entered his life, but mine as well!

These two tied the knot this past weekend & their backyard wedding could not have been more “them.” From the laid back setting, to every perfect little detail, it was just straight out of a dream. I am so thankful that photography allowed me to play such a big part in their day, it literally just means the world to me that I got to capture it & hangout with them all day along the way. I cannot wait to see where this life takes these two! Love you both!



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