Baby H | Fall Themed Gender Reveal

When my bestie, Katie, told me she was expecting, I immediately jumped at the chance to throw her a gender reveal party! She wanted a fall theme, so stew, s’mores & caramel apple slices it was! We also had a popcorn bar as well as a make your own trail mix bar! For the reveal part, we set off a smoke bomb in a pumpkin, and her reaction was absolutely priceless.

Katie and Glenn have a son, Jase, who is 3 months to the day older than my River, and they are the sweetest friends (although sometimes it feels like we’re refereeing them since they’re both allllllll boy) and even though she said she was just happy for another baby regardless of the gender, I had a feeling she was hoping for a girl, and judging on her reaction to the pink smoke coming out of the pumpkin, I’d say I was right!

For as long as I have known Katie, her family has meant the world to her. She’s one of 5 siblings, and other than the inevitable sibling arguments, they have always been close, but no matter what, her mom has been her best friend. No matter who comes and goes in her life, her mom is her number one & the bond they share is the sweetest. I am beyond excited for her to get to share that same bond with her future daughter (and equally excited for an excuse to shop for alllllll the girly stuff!)

Congratulations Katie, Glenn + Jase! I can’t imagine how excited you guys are for your baby girl & I can’t wait to absolutely spoil her!

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