Krista + Rusty | Fall Family Farm Engagement

It’s no secret that weddings are my all time favorite, and Krista + Rusty actually met at one! Krista was there for the bride, and Rusty for the groom, and although Krista was there with a date, Rusty had his eyes set on her and wasn’t going to miss his chance at making a move. A few months later, when they were both single, their friends helped to get them together, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

I got the pleasure of meeting these lovebirds on Krista’s family farm, which was basically like a photographer’s playground. I had so much fun watching them giggle and love on each other, and even got to meet their two pups, Blue & Corey, plus Krista’s parents! They took me exploring around the farm, & were truly down for anything I suggested! We even got photobombed by a few cows! Words cannot explain how excited I am for their wedding in May!

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